About The Program

• The Adult Learning Programs of Perth are community-based agencies funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities. We provide service to anyone 19 years of age or older, currently not enrolled in any credit program, who wants to improve their essential skills, such as reading, writing, numeracy and document use or to work toward receiving their Grade 12 equivalency (GED). The program’s services are provided at no cost to learners. We also provide support with transportation and child care expenses.

• The St. Marys Adult Learning Program has benefited residents of St. Marys and area for over 25 years. We have expanded our program into Stratford and area and have changed our name to Adult Learning Programs of Perth to match the service area we cover.

• Literacy is more than reading and writing, it includes numeracy and computer use too. People think a literacy program is just for helping someone who can’t read or write but we also train people to go on to credit, college or apprenticeship training. Sometimes adults want to upgrade their skills so they can do their job better or apply for a promotion. In today’s knowledge-based workplace, a higher level of skills is required.